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Issue 1

(December 2012)


Save Art History

The first time I understood Art History to be a subject, rather than something you did at the weekends with your parents, was at my sixth-form open day aged sixteen. I had chosen my other A-Level subjects, but chanced across a classroom at the end of the school filled with pictures of paintings and stacks of colourful books. I could recognise some of them – Rubens, Gainsborough, postcards of cathedrals, Mondrian. All the students were smiling and saying how much they had enjoyed their lessons. I crossed Italian off my course choices and signed up that evening. Art History was the first class of term at this new school. I remember distinctly that we were shown two images, one of the 'Red Hous

Comedy Review: Shoot From The Hip!

Image courtesy of SHOOT FROM THE HIP! There is no better remedy to a long day of work, stress, library procrastination or winter blues than a great comedy show. Well actually, we found something better for you: it is called ‘the Shoot from the Hip’, i.e. a totally free and hilarious improvised show on Drury Lane, two minutes away from your Somerset winter palace! Every Tuesday night at top secret comedy club, the brilliant Luke Manning, Tom Mayo, Sam Russell and Paul G Raymond make you forget your essay draft not going anywhere, the cold! and the laundry that you’ve left in the washing machine since the morning. First, you go down some stairs and discover a small but very quickly full theatr

Review: Revolution - New Art for a New World

Film Review: MARGY KINMONTH’s ‘Revolution: New Art for a New World’ Kustodiev – Demonstration in Uritsky Square (image courtesy of Arts Alliance/ Foxtrot Films, The world seems to be doing a stock-check on Russia. Pussy Riot’s notoriety in the Guardian (2012), then, the elegant Svetlana Alexievich’s ‘Second-Hand Time’ (2013). On awarding her the Nobel prize, the Swedish Academy praised the Belarusian writer’s work as a ‘monument to suffering in our time’. Abundantly clear is the suffering of these women for Russia’s sake — Alexievich has been called a traitor, Pussy Riot were prosecuted by the Kremlin. In contrast, the Russian Art Week (London) was far less laboured. Fo

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