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Illustration by Tessa Carr Kettle’s Yard was created in 1956 by Jim and Helen Ede, it was their home. Jim a Tate curator and Helen an art teacher. Their legacy is still contained in the four workman’s cottages that notch together down the side of Castle Hill in Cambridge. It is an example of how we can live with art; art does not have to be confined to the austerity of a gallery, placed on a plinth, or displayed in a gilded frame. Art can be intermixed with natural objects; pebbles and feathers situated alongside Windsor chairs and Alfred Wallis paintings. Jim Ede on inheriting a Rembrandt, gave it away, only keeping its frame. We can see that Kettle’s Yard is not a place for trophy art - it

TEDxCourtauld Institute: Movement

“Tanya Bishop talking at TEDxCourtauld (Image courtesy of TEDxCourtauld) “Movement is existential – for centuries it has been a source of fascination and inspiration,” thus begins the program for this year’s TEDx conference at The Courtauld. Taking place on March 11th, the conference picked on “Movement” as its central theme. According to the conference program, “Movement” can mean a number things – ranging from the physical transportation of the body to sociopolitical activism. The term is perhaps one of the most relevant in today’s global society, encompassing a range of issues from the ongoing refugee crisis, to the recent UCU strike closer to home. In line with this theme, the timely eve

After the First Wave: the Continuing Effects of the UCU Strike

On Wednesday 21 March, Tony Eastmond, Deputy Director and Dean of the Courtauld, held an all students meeting to address concerns about future industrial action relating to the USS pensions dispute. The meeting, which lasted almost an hour, attracted some considered responses from students—especially from BA3—but ended equally as uncertain as it began. Originally the meeting had been scheduled for the last Thursday of the initial strike phase after it had become clear that a resolution between UUK and the UCU would not be reached. Moved to a more timely date, the meeting on Wednesday provided an opportunity for the Courtauld’s senior management to take stock of students’ concerns in the inte

CSU's Letter To The Courtauld's Vice Chancellor

The picket today, Friday 16 March, the last day of the current strike action (Photo: Tessa Carr) Today, on the last day of the first wave of UCU strike action, Rebecca Morris, the Courtauld's Students' Union President, sent a letter to Professor Debby Swallow on behalf of students. The letter covers issues such as calls for tuition fee refunds, the impact the strike has had on students, and some of the positive outcomes of the strike. Read it in full below: Dear Debby, I am writing on behalf of the students affected by the strike action taken by UCU members in response to proposed cuts to their pensions under the Universities Superannuation Scheme. I would like to thank you and your colleagu

Current Affairs 5.03

Between the 8th and 11th of March, at Battersea Evolution, the Affordable Art Fair will be bringing talks, tours and workshops, as well as an opportunity to find reasonably priced art in a fun and relaxed environment. Over 100 galleries will be showcasing their work, with thousands of pieces on display for you to peruse. “We're back in beautiful Battersea Park to bring you an array of affordable, contemporary art for you to peruse to your heart’s content.” AAF Picasso's electrician was convicted of stealing his art - but now the proof is seen as insufficient proof. A re-trial is being held to “finally establish the truth." The work though

Students, Politicised

Image: Fred Shan for The Courtauldian 28 February, 2018 The current Universities and Colleges Union strike over proposed changes to the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) is into its fifth day. Since the strike began last Thursday, I have spent a considerable amount of time at the Courtauld’s picket line documenting it for The Courtauldian. Observing student reactions and talking to lecturers has provided an opportunity to reflect on the Courtauld’s student politics and the politicisation of students in relation to the impasse between university management and academics. Ordinarily, there is a perception that students are hard-line leftists by default—likely stoked by displays of align

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