Hemlines: Notes on Fashion


Elizabeth Mullaney

What is fashion? Is it the haute couture looks that gallop down runways in New York, London, Paris, and Milan two times a year? Or is it the hand-me-down college sweatshirt you stole from your mom that feels like home when you wear it? Or perhaps it’s the designer handbag you bought yourself on your birthday last year? No, wait, maybe it’s the pair of Levis 501s that you wear five times a week? Hemlines: Notes on Fashion is a column that will explore, analyse, and critique fashion as both an industry and a form of artistic and creative expression. From the atelier to the closet, fashion as a medium holds the power to impact and reflect our lives and experiences both universally and personally. Hemlines will act as a forum to investigate fashion as both an everyday outlet for personal creativity and expression, but also as a medium that is profoundly intersectional, calling into question issues of politics, gender, race, and environment.