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Pearl Jackson-Payen | 25 October 2022 

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Altarpiece No. 1 Group X  by Hilma af Klimt, 1915 ( )

The Museum of Prophecies: Author's note 

The Museum of Prophecies is a living museum of personal and universal symbology. It is a psychic museum, at times

visible, at times invisible. It exists in the psyche, but it also floats over land. It has invisible sensory impressions, it

whispers, it blows, is ghostlike, ephemeral, sometimes vivid, often vanished.

These strands of narratives are an experiment with memory and with archetypal imagery.

Part 1: The photographer

It all began in the garage of the Norwegian mystic, who used an elaborate mechanical camera. When he pressed the

trigger, a celestial light filled the basement, and I saw many angels in the ceiling.

That camera flash left an impression on the backs of my retinas. Now, walking through Reykjavík, I see the shadows of many thousands of beings. In Hallgrímskirkja I see angels among the vaulting. At the harbour I talk to sea foam that blows away in the wind.

Then, the urban angel with broken and bedraggled wings. Her genderless pearl-face, her wings that drag on the pavement, greying. She appears like a vision and follows me on street corners.

(Release Finally seen, and Ascending the middle of the street corner I give Love.