I’m Rose and I’m a second year BA student here at The Courtauld, with a passion for classics. I was upset to discover that so little of the undergraduate curriculum is devoted to ancient art — with only a single week in the entire BA course exploring ancient Greek and Roman art! I decided to start a fortnightly column about classics and its reception throughout the ages. Classics is forever influencing every facet and form of art history, but there’s so much to the discipline outside of the traditional plain marble sculptures and old pots we all know and loathe — in this age of hypersaturation of images, classical iconography is once again being addressed and called into question within topics such as politics and gender theory, as well as offering ancient inspiration for contemporary art. I’m particularly interested in modern receptions of Ancient Greek literature — with its wealth of evil women, fallen heroes, recognisably human gods and anthropomorphised vices continuing to provide ample opportunity for investigation to this day.

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