Light / Dark

Annely Juda Fine Art: 8 November - 14 December 2017

Annely Juda Fine Art presents a group show exploring a fundamental principle of art making, light and dark. A somewhat obvious notion, but the work in this show demonstrates a variety of creative applications to such a simple theme. Featuring work from 1960s to present day, the range in media and technology makes for interesting relationships to be drawn between artworks.

Stefen Gec, A Glass Index III, 2015, aluminium and glass valves, 2 parts, 35cm diameter each, (Annely Juda Fine Art)

Bright neon lights of the work of Francois Morellet engulf the 4th floor space. So bright, it is heavenly. But it is Stefan Gec’s piece ‘A Glass Index III’ (2015) which is most intriguing. Made from what looks like inverted light bulbs, constructed into two spheres with their aluminium prongs facing outwards and glass valves squashed in the middle. The spheres do not emit light but appear to almost absorb it. Removed of their original function, the light-bulb structures appear like mines that have been pulled from the sea, discovered laying dormant underwater for decades.