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The Montage Mädels

The morning after Trump was elected a group of Courtauld students met for a lesson on Dada and Fascism. That same day, they founded the Montage Mädels, because silence and inaction felt like complicity. Here is their collective voice, visual and reactionary.

Where does the Montage Mädels come from?


How would you describe your first year together at the Courtauld and in London?


What are you working towards?


What are the challenges of keeping the group united now that you've all graduated and are potentially going to live in different countries?


Anything you'd like to say to current students or recent graduates from the Courtauld?


Interview questions by Bianca Schor

This article was first published in SEE:ONE, The Courtauldian’s printed publication. You can find the full first issue of SEE here:

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