TEDxCourtauld Institute: Movement

“Tanya Bishop talking at TEDxCourtauld (Image courtesy of TEDxCourtauld)

“Movement is existential – for centuries it has been a source of fascination and inspiration,” thus begins the program for this year’s TEDx conference at The Courtauld. Taking place on March 11th, the conference picked on “Movement” as its central theme. According to the conference program, “Movement” can mean a number things – ranging from the physical transportation of the body to sociopolitical activism. The term is perhaps one of the most relevant in today’s global society, encompassing a range of issues from the ongoing refugee crisis, to the recent UCU strike closer to home. In line with this theme, the timely event invited nine inspirational speakers from diverse backgrounds for whom movement has been an important concept in life and work.

Among the only two artists invited, established British landscape painter John Virtue found movement crucial in