Notes on Camp: ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!’

Picture the scene. You’re in your most splendid garb, nursing a double vodka orange between the murky hours of 12am and 4am in The Flying Handbag, an iconic gay club in the heart of Blackpool. Maybe you’re in the smoking area. Maybe you can hear the faint siren call of an S Club 7 Megamix pounding through the walls. Maybe it’s Kylie’s 2001 banger Love at First Sight. Either way the music starts to crossfade, the drag queen DJ instructs ‘Get on yer feet’ in an enchanting north-west accent and that all too familiar ‘Woaah woaah’ smacks you in the face like a big whiff of amyl nitrate. Naturally, euphoria ensues.

Forget Cher, Madonna, Britney and even Whitney, this is the Vengaboys; Dutch Eurodance legends of the 90s in all their campy, saccharine sweet pop glory.

The Vengaboys as seen on the cover of their greatest hits album (Image: Vengaboys, 2000)

My relationship with the V