Recycling Right: S-1500 by Snøhetta

S-1500 by Snøhetta (Image:

A few weeks ago, I shared some facts about this chair on The Courtauldian’s Instagram page as a part of the weekly segment ‘Wednesday Wisdoms’. I thought my mention of it would be enough to get it off my mind, done and dusted. I was wrong. Snøhetta’s S-1500 chair has been plaguing me for months, and so I decided to elaborate on my feelings about it.

I'll start off by admitting that the global warming crisis is one of my most persistent anxieties. Sitting right between a monstrous fear of failure and being attacked by pigeons in public, it is one of those feelings of dread that seems to never leave you. It is also continually relevant, given the current state of our planet and recent Extinction Rebellion events in London. What really struck me, amidst all this worrying, is the unfathomable amounts of plastic that must go towards producing chairs all over the world, a thought I never thought I'd have to deal with before. We are currently living on a very odd timeline: although everything is crashing and burning, efforts can be made to save the earth from this doom, and it is interesting to see these budding ideas pop up surrounding the matter.