The Water Drinkers: Celebrating creativity through the works of Fischetti, Rüdham & Kay-Barry

Set in a townhouse right in the conglomerate of tourists that is Covent Garden, artists Crystal Fischetti, Harry Rüdham & Lee Kay-Barry are shown in the exhibition The Water Drinkers. Presenting a series of works by all three, the curator and Courtauld graduate Eleanor Stephenson strategically uses the space of Burleigh Street Townhouse to harmoniously fuse and connect all pieces together through their dramatic use of color.

Beyond the Door (2019) & Self-Portrait (2018) by Lee Kay-Barry (Image: Sara Quattrocchi Febles)

Upon entering, the bright white walls of the exhibition space stand out and remind the audience of the ‘white cube’ format for gallery spaces. In this case, what differentiates the space from this standardized gallery format are the large windows. The most alluring feature about this is that it heightens the feeling of having entered a separate and detached world. While the windows allow us to see the monochromatic and industrial architecture of London, the artworks act as windows into mystical and colorful worlds. This is especially evident with Kay-Barry’s