Changing Tastes For the UK Food Industry

Now that cafes and restaurants are open, what’s new?

by Lewis Duncan | 30th August 2020

Salt, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami are the basic pillars for the many articles out there about learning to cook during lockdown. The now-familiar story feels relatable because it follows a routine of coffee in the morning and then planning for a day mostly consumed by cooking and eating interspersed with work and other commitments. I’ve learned to have the foresight to start early, simmer for hours and enjoy an anticipated meal later in the day. Making chicken stock with leftover bones or vegetable cut-offs, using the five hour cooking time to take stock, and thinking about how eating habits might change as lockdown eases are less uncommon.

Lockdown easing re-introduced different kitchens as I began to visit friends and family and move on from picnics in the park with salmon and cream cheese bagels. I always go heavy on the cracked pepper and soak the salmon in lemon juice, and maybe capers. Dreaming of actual dinners around the table with people other than my family became more real as a way to reconnect with friends and indulge in more f