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Ode to an Empty Wine Glass

By Carys Maloney

Last night’s lacking glass

of red wine sparkling

empty and lonesome in

the January sun. A relic of

stained-glass crimson—a window

illuminating exchanges of hours past.

Clear As Day


What has become of those

departed on the night tube,

inebriated reflections,

crossing the Thames like Charon

over the Styx? Did they have anyone

to text ‘I’ve made it home safely’?

Not So Much


That Holy Grail of Debauchery

Dionysian Diamond, Elegy to the Epicurean

O Great Testament to the Night Before.

Shining in solipsism and splendour—

smashed to the asphalt as

a sobering-up passer-by sways

astray, engaged In Memoriam.

Carys Maloney, Untitled, 2024


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