Picasso and Paper at the RA: The paper seduced me

Banner of the Picasso and Paper exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London (25 January – 13 April 2020) (Image by Ellie Perry)

This is not the first large scale Picasso exhibition to come to London. 47 years after his death the artist remains one of the most loved and sought-after artists of the modern world. The amount of people attending the latest showcase of the infamous artist’s work also suggests it certainly won’t be the last. This year the Royal Academy has curated a huge show spanning the artist's career, from paper cut-outs at the age of seven to his final self-portrait at 90. This temporal range offers an ominous warning of the sheer length of the show. The Academy promises a ‘whirlwind of innovation.’ Yet, by the final room, my legs were tired, and everything looked the same. My fellow viewer’s review: ‘if you’re making exhibitions this fucking big, why wouldn’t you put more benches in?’--and she definitely has a point.