The Couture Case

Building a Firsthand Opinion of the Fashion Jungle

Anonymous | 17th July 2020

Illustration by Rebecca Marks

Much ink has been spilled to try and convey the reality of the fashion industry, its dreamlike quality and the many sharks that swim its waters. Its status as one of the most controversial industries, the trigger of wide mental health imbalance and ecological disaster as well as its aura of glamour, of desire and beauty, allow it to remain the object of our questions and lust. Ever the dreamy wannabe reporter, I decided that the pyramid of resources centered around couture and what walking its dizzying catwalks entails lacked an essential stone to its structure: my contribution. Let us embark on the wonderful tale of how the fashion history bookworm and the hypersensitive young person currently typing away came to build a firsthand opinion of the fashion jungle.

Earlier this year, before Covid-19 broke out and our world slowly seemed to slip irremediably out of control, I had been lucky enough to be referred for a one-month June internship in a small French historical fashion house. Although I knew little about it and was not necessarily fond of the house’s flowery prints, staple of its style, I was incredibly excited. I knew it was a family brand fo