Three of the Best Gardens

Illustration by Author

We’ve all got a lot of stuff to do - heads to stuff with facts, sinuses to un-stuff. Or maybe you’re a newly elected SU member, rubbing your hands together ready to rid an arguably (everything is always arguable) hegemonic system of its stuffy ways. Regardless, no one wants to end up looking like the bat-sh**, googly-eyed cartoon that’s widely used to advertise sour sweets (see Brain Blasterz or WarHeads for more info, but by god don’t eat). So, here are three of central London’s best secret gardens where you can breathe, relax, unwind and get loose, but not too loose because they’re still public spaces:

  1. St George’s Gardens

Proves little is lovely and still does the job. The quiet garden actually came into fruition as a burial ground in 1713 and – fun fact – is famous for being the site of the first theft of a dead body for dissection in 1777. It’s a really beautiful little enclave, with statues and headstones looking all old and ruinous, One bench has a really good view at sunset, but I forgot which one.