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We're The Courtauldian, the student-run publication of the Courtauld Institute of Art. Alongside our three termly publications, you can find the musings and opinions of the Courtauld's students right here on our website. With weekly columns, creative writing, and reviews on just about anything, you'll never run out of quality reading material.

Meet the 2020-2021 Courtauldian Team!

editor in chief

Zeynep Koksal.jpeg

Zeynep is in her second year of undergraduate Art History Diploma. Coming from Istanbul, Turkey, she truly enjoys being located in large cities in which she finds such a positive energy that gives her the motivation to always experience new things. Coming from a Non-Western country but spending six year in a very cosmopolitan Western city, she has a very distinctive perspective to offer to the Courtauldian with many new initiatives in mind!

Zeynep Koksal


aniela Rybak.jpeg

Aniela is a third-year undergraduate student coming from Warsaw and this year’s Deputy Editor. Most of the time you can find her visiting galleries, reading and going to the cinema. Her dream is to curate exhibitions, while writing about art and culture. She sees living away from home as a possibility to explore the advantages of being a foreigner and look at her native culture from a fresh perspective.


Aniela Rybak

Rachel is an MA student from New York, studying global contemporary art in the Documentary Reborn special option. She spent the last four years working toward her BA in History of Art and French at Boston University between stints in France, Israel, and Greece. While in Boston, she co-founded an undergraduate magazine called Squinch, interned at the Museum of Fine Arts, and wrote for Boston Hassle. When not working on the new Monthly Segments section, you can find her reading at Senate House Library or lamenting over the lack of quality bagels and pizza in London.


Rachel Kubrick

Sophie is an MA history of art student, on Maria Mihleeva’s special option Beyond Utopia: New Geographies of Russian Art. She did her undergrad in French and history of art at Edinburgh and previously ran Youth Opera Review. She is passionate about bringing the arts to new audiences and if you have something you would like to review then she would love to hear from you


Sophie McAlpine

Angelica Jopling is an MA student studying curating. Last year, she graduated with Honors in art history at Stanford University. Her creative work and interests are interdisciplinary spanning the worlds of art, literature, music, fashion, and film. Angelica’s artistic heroes provide the context to the obsessions that underpin and inspire her work, in no particular order: Patti Smith, Joan of Arc, Philip Larkin, Fiona Apple, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Michael Clark, Isabella Blow, Billie Holiday, Sylvia Plath, Arca, Larry David, Virgina Woolf, Louise Bourgeois, Terrence Malick, John Cooper Clarke, Diana Vreeland, Agnes Varda, Kate Bush, Marchesa Luisa Casati, Arthur Rimbaud, Francesca Woodman, Catherine the Great, David Byrne, bell hooks, Edie Sedgwick, Yoko Ono, Lady Macbeth, Björk,  Egon Schiele, Ingrid Sischy, Tony Soprano, Alice Coltrane, Ingrid Sischy, Joan Didion, and sad clowns.


Angelica Jopling

chilla knight.jpeg

Chilla is the London events editor for the Courtauldian. She is doing an MA in History of Art at the Courtauld, having graduated from the University of Oxford in English and Italian Literature last year. Chilla’s academic focus is on early modern Dutch art, specifically the depiction of bodies; however, she also has an avid interest in literature, film, food, and contemporary art. She loves exploring her surroundings and discovering new places and experiences.


Chilla Knight

Henry is a BA1 student, and incredibly excited to be the Courtauld Events Editor at the Courtauldian! With affairs being experienced in a new, digital format he looks forward to sharing how this may alter their impact and collating them for easy consumption by our readers. In his spare time, he enjoys walking the dog or having a pint, which is made all the more enjoyable with company. There is no shortage of this at university, and he finds the prospect of also contributing the thoughts of his peers on events at The Courtauld is wonderful


Henry Kauntze


lissie mackintosh.jpeg

Lissie Mackintosh is the author of ‘Fashion Thesis’, a column dedicated to her (bankrupting) love and interest in fashion and her musings on the fashion industry as a 21 year old in London. Lissie has previously worked with Tatler and hopes one day to be working at Vogue to fulfil her Carrie Bradshaw dreams. A strong advocate for size inclusivity, vintage shopping and met gala memes , Lissie intends to dedicate her column to opinion, inspiration, and finding a way to make pink cowboy hats part of everyday life.


Lissie MacKintosh


Harry is a BA2 student, occasional composer, podcaster and rare architectural tour guide. His writing, though sporadically located in different media, focuses largely on our built environment and social responses to it in the UK. With a background in classics, he aspires to be Ciceronian in style yet falls quite far short. As such criticism is always welcome! As well as being a columnist Harry also hosts the Courtauld Camaraderie podcast.


Harry Fisher

Alice is a BA2 student and the author of the ‘Wonderings on Wandering’ column – exploring the art she comes across in her frequent aimless saunterings round London. She can often be found in over-priced coffeeshops: anxious, over caffeinated, and trying to convince other people that William Morris is cool. She has also written feminist, socialist and queer art histories for other online arts publications, and is currently a Research Assistant at the Leighton House Museum.


Alice Dodds

maya fletcher smith.jpeg

Maya is a BA1 student from Manchester and decided to pursue Art History after discovering aesthetics and philosophy of art during the first year of a philosophy degree. Her interests are wide-ranging, encompassing the surrealist photography of Steven F. Arnold, Soviet children's films and Cambodian rock. With particular attention paid to a work’s enriching qualities on both personal and cultural levels. She's gone through sporadic periods of writing before, having written and co-directed a stage adaptation of The Yellow Wallpaper, which went on to have a run in a small theatre at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019. Her fortnightly column at the Courtauldian is 'Seeing Serendipity', which analyses an eclectic range of enlightening experiences relating to everyday aesthetics and unconventional encounters of art.

Esme Garlake.jpeg

Esme is an MA History of Art student specialising in Italian Renaissance Art. Whilst on an Extinction Rebellion protest recently, she began to question how art history can (and should) relate to the climate crisis… sometimes it’s hard to focus on chiaroscuro when humans are actively heading for mass extinction. In her column ‘Art in the Age of Extinction’ she seeks to explore what art can tell us about human interactions with the natural world, and whether an ecological approach could help us reconcile our own turbulent times with the artworks we love. In her spare time Esme sings and writes songs, makes linocuts and collages, and collects old postcards of Italian divas.


Maya Fletcher-Smith


Esme Garlake

staff writers

sara blad.jpeg

Sara is an MA student at the Courtauld studying 17th-century Dutch art. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, she is currently based in the Netherlands (which suits her because she is an aspiring Rijksmuseum scholar). When not visiting, studying, and talking about museums, she is likely either watching the real housewives, reading, or drinking iced coffee (with extra ice and a lot of half and half 365 days a year).


Sara Blad

harry carlson.jpeg

Harry Carlson is a first-year undergraduate student with broad interests from literature and film to curatorial studies. He hopes to use his work to present the institutions and established voices that surround the arts through a critical lens and experiment with his own perspective.


Harry Carlson

agnese oliveri.jpeg

Agnese is an MA student specialising in Global Conceptualism. A Sicilian emigrated to London three years ago, she cherishes her Mediterranean identity whilst navigating in the diverse and buzzing London life. Before Courtauld, she graduated in History of Art at SOAS and UCL, which enabled her to develop a very broad and eclectic view of art history, as well as politics and philosophy. She has also worked and volunteered in various artistic institutions in London and private art galleries. Expect from her pieces that will be critical of the art world and viscerally honest statements.


Agnese Oliveri

Kitty is a first-year student. Coming from Sussex her interests lie in the preservation of heritage sites she grew up around, as well as the post-war surrealists that drew influence from the coast. She likes to explore, how art and politics overlap, intending to do a HSPS conversional course after her BA. Her beliefs in the importance of maintaining artistic legacies, through archival and conservation will set the tone for her pieces, approaching them from a conversational perspective, and gaining understanding of how the current climate effects galleries and the artistic community around her, in hope of imparting certain truths about the future of visual culture. 


Kitty Atherton

madeline defilippis.jpeg

Madeline is pursuing an MA History of Art degree at the Courtauld, studying Conceptual Art. She has joined the Courtauldian this year as a Staff Writer, because she loves exploring new ideas, places, and artists. It’s her first year in London so she’s very keen to get out and see new things! Her favourite artists include Degas, Hélio Oiticica and Carolee Schneemann. 


Madeline DeFilippis

Jonathan HArt.jpeg

Jonathan is a first-year BA student and staff writer for the Courtauldian. His writing focuses on almost anything he feels strongly opinionated about, including but not limited to art, music, films, literature, politics and beer (in the unlikely event that you want to buy him one, don’t make it a Foster’s.) Outside of his studies and writing he creates abstract visual art, but will not be persuaded to add ‘internationally-collected artist’ to his Instagram bio just because he sold one piece to a collector in the United States


Jonathan Hart

head of art and illustration

Keturah is currently in her first year at the Courtauld. After completing an Art Foundation at Leeds Arts University, she is keen to continue her practical art through illustrating for the publication. Her favourite mediums include pencil, etching, and photography.

Keturah Bate

illustration team

vitoria santos.JPG

This is Vitória Mendes, a second year BA student. She is very much interested in film photography and vhs filmmaking. What incites her about each medium is how they empower her to spot poetry in the ordinary, photography as writing with light and filmmaking as manipulating circadian chronicles. Besides that, translating images in an embroidered language motivates her to continue what her first memories are: those of her grandmother endlessly sewing in a Singer machine. As a Latin American Lebanese woman, inheriting these narratives make her evermore confident to invert them and communicate through them her truth


Vitoria Mendes


Emily is a first year BA student and part of the illustrations team. She has a particular interest in painting and portraiture. She finds inspiration in early religious art as well as the work of Pre-Raphaelites. A selection of her work can bee seen on her instagram @emilylashfordart


Emily Lashford

himarni bronswood.jpeg

Himarni Brownsword is a part of the illustration team at the Courtauldian. Having come from a practical arts background prior to joining the Courtauld, Himarni’s interests lie in sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing and installation art. Growing up in Stoke-on-Trent, the former heart of the British ceramics industry, much of Himarni’s work is rooted in the exploration of industrial decline in her hometown.


Himarni Brownsword


Jago Henderson is a second year BA student and part of the illustration team. He is responsible for all the team portraits! Jago is really interested in creating bold and graphic art, taking inspiration from Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Sonia Delaunay. Art and illustration have always been an important and relaxing pass time and hobby for Jago, and he loves attending life drawing classes. Growing up reading Tintin novels religiously, Jago has inherited into his artwork a cartoonish style reminiscent of his favourite childhood book series. 


Jago Henderson

head of graphic Desıgn

elliot keim.jpeg

Elliot is an international BA2 student from Atlanta, Georgia, and is the Head of Graphic Design team. She previously worked as an artist and Editor in Chief for a student-led literary and visual arts publication. Last year, she worked on the Courtauldian as a graphic designer. This year Elliot plans to take her experience as an artist and graphic designer to experiment with typography and illustration for a more contemporary layout.

Elliot Keim

graphic Desıgn team

lucy corkish.jpeg

Lucy Corkish is an MA student at the Courtauld. Her special option is Documenting Fashion. She studied BA French at Queen Mary University before working as a Magazines Manager at Stack Magazines. She is currently a freelance copywriter, editor and translator and is looking forward to working on the design side of a print magazine.

laura thomas.jpeg

Laura is a first year BA student at the Courtauld, looking forward to contributing to the graphic design team this year. She has always lived in London and loves how there’s always more to be explored in the city. She likes to travel and has a passion for learning languages, as well as international cuisine.

Ella O Grady.jpeg

Ella is a member of the Graphic Design team and a year one BA student at the Courtauld; She is excited to add her work and ideas into the publications this year. As an art history student she is specifically interested in Ancient Greek and Roman classical art and culture, and also the difference between modernity and the scared. 


Laura Thomas


Ella O'Grady


Lucy Corkish

Dıgıtal team

jamie kodera.jpeg

Jamie is an MA student focusing on art from the 1960s. She is passionate about work that is both political and subversive, and explores art at the intersections of identity and culture. An advocate for accessibility in art museums and institutions, Jamie has spent most of her time between Boston and New York. She will be focusing her role with the Courtauldian on how to improve the user experience design of the website for the coming year. 

livie nevill.jpeg

 Livie is an MA student form Durham university with an interest in socialist realism within Russian art. Recently, she has been reading a lot (!) over lockdown and found some great new books and podcasts - her favourite book being ‘Girl, Woman, Other’ by Bernardino Evaristo and a really easy going podcast called ‘Table Manners’. For restaurant recommendations, she absolutely loves Mildreds - an affordable, chilled and delicious vegetarian restaurant which does a great brunch, lunch AND dinner at Kings Cross (near campus!!). 


Jamie Kodera


Livie Nevill

Copy editors


Bea is a third year BA student and is a member of the copy-editing team. She has experience at public and private galleries and English heritage sites, including Pallant House Gallery and the New Art Centre. Being a member of the copy-editing team she gets to see a wide range of articles, though her personal interest is inclusivity and outreach in the arts. Instagram @beafomin


Bea Fomin

Victoria is an MA History of Art student focusing on the Italian Renaissance, and is excited to be part of The Courtauldian’s 2020-21 copy-editing team. She completed her undergraduate at Oxford in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History in 2019, and has a deep interest in the Classical world. She also completed a law conversion course last year, and as well as copy-editing for the Courtauldian, she would like to use her legal knowledge to contribute some articles discussing interesting legal cases from the arts and cultural property sector.


Victoria Howard-Smith


Issy an MA student at the Courtauld specialising in the art of the city. She has previously worked on magazines including Art Quarterly and the V&A Magazine, and loves all forms of culture, from the arts, to books, film and music. She is looking forward to reading the Courtauld student body’s varied takes on all things cultural in her role as a copy editor!


Issy Rawlinson

daphne takahashi.jpeg

Daphne is an MA History of Art candidate at the Courtauld, focusing on contemporary Asian art. Originally from Colorado, she has been living and working in New York for the past four years. She has engaged with the art world in varying capacities, ranging from the Whitney Museum of American Art to the studio of conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas.


Daphne Takahashi

Helen kwong.jpeg

Helen is an MA History of Art student and is a member of the copy-editing team. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she completed her BA in History at Cambridge, where she developed an interest in cultural interactions in the arts. Helen is excited to be in London at the Courtauld this year, and looks forward to reading your article submissions.  


Helen Kwong

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