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Get stuck in...

Gettin' There



When asked about life in London, the move or being far from whatever “home” means on a given day, I’ve used “gettin’ there”, to the point of exhaustion. The truth is, getting there is everything but a linear process, everything but just a destination. Having grown up abroad and juggled with the definition of home and roots for a long time, London was, and still is a whole new peculiar and exciting challenge for me. I’m there, and yet still on my way and I’d love it if you would accompany me on this bi-monthly trip around the lovely odd city of London. If not, I guess I’ll see you at the pub.

rada popova

Visual Static


Alternative Title: "Thoughts on morbidly specific manifestations of culture absent-mindedly phrased by a happy-go-lucky snob every once in a while". A lot of this column will be about music (in some shape or form). Half extracted from phone notes taken during or immediately after live shows, half imagined while waiting for trains in South London, this project aspires, at its best, to be a “7 stops on the night bus” kind of read. As for the why, after spending three years mostly picking things apart from within, there is something vaguely therapeutic in taking ten minutes every now and again to sincerely, un-ironically praise whatever I subjectively consider praise-worthy. There will be no miracles here, and I reserve the right to unapologetically use “over-the-top” as a compliment.”

Fashion Weekly


philippa thomas 

Philippa is a first year BA student and one of The Courtauldian's fashion columnists. From couture to costume, her weekly articles delve into all things worn. She is an advocate for sustainable fashion and can often be found scouring the web for preloved garments. Please feel free to send her any questions or queries via her Instagram @pippatms