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Eve Reid

In the column Still/Film, I explore the fascinating intersection of cinema and the theory and aesthetics of art history. With a particular focus on the horror genre, I delve into its profound art historical significance, examining its themes and visuals as both an inversion and a transgression beyond natural aesthetics. Drawing from my own cinematic experiences and specialised knowledge, I hope to provide valuable recommendations and insights to fellow film enthusiasts, inviting them to explore the artistic implications that the world of film has to offer.

By delving into the intricate connections between cinema and the broader landscape of visual culture, I explore how films can be seen as complex artworks that reflect and challenge societal norms, perceptions, and ideologies. I am particularly intrigued by the concept of theology in relation to film, exploring how spirituality and religious themes are portrayed and interpreted on the screen. Additionally, the representation of landscapes in film is another point of focus, considering how they can be vehicles for storytelling and expression of human, particularly queer, experiences. Lastly, I seek to explore the magic and the surreal that cinema can evoke, delving into the ways in which movies create immersive worlds and transport viewers into extraordinary realms.

With each column instalment, I aim to provide thought-provoking analysis, curated recommendations, and engaging insights into the art of cinema. Whether you are a film aficionado or simply curious about the intersection of film and art history, Still/Film offers a platform for exploration, discovery, and appreciation of the visual medium that is cinema.

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