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Comedy Review: Shoot From The Hip!

Image courtesy of SHOOT FROM THE HIP!

There is no better remedy to a long day of work, stress, library procrastination or winter blues than a great comedy show. Well actually, we found something better for you: it is called ‘the Shoot from the Hip’, i.e. a totally free and hilarious improvised show on Drury Lane, two minutes away from your Somerset winter palace! Every Tuesday night at top secret comedy club, the brilliant Luke Manning, Tom Mayo, Sam Russell and Paul G Raymond make you forget your essay draft not going anywhere, the cold! and the laundry that you’ve left in the washing machine since the morning.

First, you go down some stairs and discover a small but very quickly full theatre room, with a tennis table and a welcoming bar at the back. The warm atmosphere instantly makes you feel at home, even though last time we went the Halloween decoration gave the place a spooky underground touch. Then the music tells you it’s show time! The principle is quite straightforward, but easier said than done: the troupe asks the public for inspiration -places, characters, or even just things they have in their bags – and then set itself improv’ challenges to satisfy our cravings. Every time I went there, everyone was laughing their heads off; every time the comedy went in a different direction. It is up to you to lead the boat and throw ideas at them.

Are you international and think that British humour might not go down your way so well? Fear not! The show is accessible to everyone and from everywhere. I took my mum once as she was visiting me, and even without understanding all the puns, she clearly had a great time. I will only give you one example: last Tuesday, a dude shouted ‘Pegasus’ as the theme for the next act, and the troupe immediately abandoned Trump and Hillary to embark on a terrific journey between Thebes, Olympus and a child’s bedroom where grandpa was telling a bedtime story. Paul subtly embodied a rebellious but socially awkward Hercules, whose only ambition was to work in a bakery shop in Thebes. Luke, turning Zeus into a traditional dad, tried everything he could to convince him to be a historical hero. Tom and Sam switched characters with dexterity as the story went on and reminded us of how messed up family ties are, whether in ancient Greece or today. The re-enactment of Zeus meeting Leda as a swan, and Pegasus’ touching loyalty towards Hercules were pure magic. That night an epic poem came to life.

Free improvised comedy every Tuesday at Top Secret Comedy Club on Drury Lane. The show starts at 8.30pm but we recommend you get there at 8pm because it is a very popular show!

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