Current Affairs 29.01

City Officials of Busan destroy Dennis Oppenheim sculpture

City officials of South Korea’s second city, Busan, recently took it upon themselves to destroy one of the last remaining works of surrealist sculptor Dennis Oppenheim. The officials claimed that the sculpture, which had supposedly fallen into disrepair was an “eyesore” with “no artistic value”, before ripping it down in December. “Chamber” was installed during the 2010 Busan Biennale and stands at 13 feet tall, comprising of steel and plastic tube-like forms fitted together to create a larger labyrinth through which the viewer navigates.

Whilst the District technically does hold ownership rights, it is Oppenheim’s estate who hold the intellectual rights to the work and Amy Plumb Oppenheim, the late artist’s partner reportedly only learnt of the demolition weeks after it had happened during the week of December 11th, 2017.