Donald The Builder - Can He Build It?

Welcome to 2019, and what is sure to be another 12-month bonanza of chaos and misery played out here in the UK and across the international stage. 2019 is the year of the pig in the Chinese Zodiac and so to honour this we go first to President Trump. Over the festive season, The President has been Home Alone in the White House as the US falls apart around him. Since the Democrat-controlled Congress refused to include funding for his infamous Mexican border wall in its budget, Trump has refused to sign it into law, thus putting the whole Federal Government into what is known as Shutdown.

This does not simply mean that the politicians of Washington get an extended Christmas holiday, it affects a great number of vital services. Anyone on the payroll of the federal government has been put on ‘furlough’ – which boils down to temporary unemployment – this includes National Park Rangers, many museum workers, zookeepers and anyone who works for a government agency. Hardest hit is Washington DC itself; technically not a state, all its civic services are run by the federal government so even street-cleaners, rubbish collectors, park keepers and transport workers have all been left out of work and out of pocket. In fact, some 800,000 federal employees have not been paid since the 22nd of December last year.