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We are now accepting submissions for the next printed issue of the Courtauldian!

This issue will again be loosely centred on a theme. With Brexit fast approaching, the Editorial Team have selected the theme of ISLANDS for this, our 20th issue of the Courtauldian. The theme is open to interpretation in whichever way you want to take it. Perhaps you could explore ideas of isolation or community; perhaps you are interested in writing about a particular island; maybe you are interested in the geology of islands! You might think of Vernon Square as a new island of the Courtauld community, in a new space. We welcome creative and innovative takes on the theme!

With this in mind, we invite students to meditate on the theme in any manner they desire, through features, interviews, reviews, illustrations, artworks, poetry and short stories.

Please send over an email to or the relevant editor(s) indicating interest, along with a general outline of what your intended submission will entail as soon as possible (ideally in advance of 1st February). The final deadline for completed submissions will be 11th February.


For this issue, we again ask for the submission of featured articles. These can cover a wide range of topics and ideas, with a link back to the overarching theme of ISLANDS. We are flexible on the style, length (as much as we can be within the limited space of a short magazine), and content. If you are interested in writing a feature piece, please contact: or


If you are interested in conducting an interview, please email: with a proposal or for more information, as our process for commissioning/conducting interviews differs slightly from that for other article types. Interviews published in the magazine are generally around 1000 – 1500 words, if you wish for a longer version to be published, it can be published online alongside the magazine.

Poetry & Short Stories:

In our Literary section, we are eager to publish the creative writing of Courtauld students. We are flexible on the style, length (as much as we can be within the limited space of a short magazine), and content. Generally, we are looking for short stories to be under 1500 words. For more information and to submit to this section of the Courtauldian please contact:,, or


Although focussed online, a number of reviews will still be published in the printed publication. We are looking for reviews on a broad range of subjects: theatre, film, books, exhibitions, and more. For the printed issue, we are trying to keep the reviews we include as relevant and up-to-date as possible. For this reason, we are asking that all reviews cover subjects which will still be relevant when ISLANDS is published in March.

If you are interested, however, in writing a review that fits outside of those parameters, please still get in touch! We accept reviews on a continuous basis for publication on our website.

To learn more about submitting a review, or indicate interest please contact: or

Illustrations & Artwork:

If you are more the artistic type, we are always looking for illustrators. We are particularly keen to get more student art in ISLANDS.

Join the ‘Illustration – The Courtauldian 2018/19’ Facebook group to see the commissions available over the coming weeks, and if you would like to see your art or photography printed please contact:

If you would like more information, we are of course happy to help – just get in touch.

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