'Isis Threaten Sylvania': A Response to the Censored Work By Mimsy

Illustration by Tennessee Williams

On the 10th December, 1945 the United Nations granted a generation of people ‘the highest aspiration of the common people…Freedom of speech and belief’, under the Universal Deceleration of Human Rights. British citizens, born into a democratic, liberal country take full advantage of these rights.

In late September, London SW1, a satirical work of art by the female artist, Mimsy, was banned from the ironically named Passion for Freedom exhibition at the Mall Galleries. The police stated that the image contained ‘inflammatory content’ and threatened a fine of £36,000 to the gallery if they chose to continue displaying the work.

The censored work, Isis Threaten Sylvania is a series of seven satirical light box scenes featuring the children’s toys Sylvania Families. Within