Calais: Welcome to the Jungle

Image: Film still from ‘Calais: Welcome to the Jungle’ (2016) dir: Teun Voeten and Maaike Engels

Film Review: 'Calais: Welcome to the Jungle' (2016)

In ‘Calais: Welcome to the Jungle’, the Dutch anthropologist and war photographer Teun Voeten and the cinematographer Maaike Engels present a compelling, and at times provocative, visual ethnography of the "Jungle," a refugee camp in Calais, France. Until recently it was occupied by Middle Eastern and African migrants seeking to travel to, and establish residence in the UK. Filmed over the course of more than a year, Teun and Maaike repeatedly visit the "Jungle" to document the physical and social conditions, conduct interviews with the inhabitants, and investigate how the camp represents a "mic