Student Insights: ‘Taking Shape – Young Choreographers in Rehearsal’

To all the direct and indirect victims of terrorist attacks over the past year. May the arts and our humble writings inspire you to live and shape a positive future for yourself and people around you.

‘VIVEZ JOYEUX’ François Rabelais (1483-1553)

Nicole McDowall, Kloé Dean and Jazmyn Alicia Raikes in rehearsal during Student Insight 'Young Choreographers in Rehearsal' © ROH Brian Slater 2016

As traditional as it may sound, the Royal Opera House (ROH) hosts state-of-the-art initiatives at the heart of Covent Garden to create an intimate environment for young dance-lovers. As a lifelong adept of ballet, urban and popular dances, the Student Insight event which took place on Monday 7 November