Carmen on the Lake

Image courtesy of Carmen on the Lake

In posing the question – what is fundamental to an opera? – to a range of opera lovers and opera novices, the same few words appeared: drama, narrative, music, and aesthetic. The culmination of these factors could be said to be the recipe for a masterpiece, and there is no doubt that the production of Carmen by the Lake astounds in every respect.

Georges Bizet’s Carmen, set in nineteenth century Seville, follows the tale of the factory girl and gypsy, Carmen, and her relations with the soldier Don Jose. Jose is lured away from his duties as a solider, and affection for the safe Micaëla, into a dangerous game of love, jealousy and revenge with the strident, beautiful, but torturous, Carmen.

Though the story remains a constant throughout time, this particular production is one of real grandeur. Being shown in cinemas on 14 September, Carmen on the Lake, is part of the 70th year of the Bregenz festival. Held on Lake Constance, Austria, it is undoubtedly the location that makes the festival, and production, so special.