20 Portman Square, Somerset House: The Buildings of The Courtauld. An Interview with Anthony Robins

Illustration by Tessa Carr

Walking into Somerset House for each visit to the library, for each lecture or class, I am constantly grateful for the beautiful surroundings in which I get to study. Amid news of our move to Vernon Square next year, and the ongoing changes anticipated through Courtauld Connects, the importance of buildings to the Courtauld experience seems to be evermore significant. But as you will well know, Somerset House has not always been the home of the Courtauld Institute. To try and understand the role of place in the Courtauld’s heritage, I spoke to alumnus Anthony W. Robins (author, lecturer and tour leader http://anthonywrobins.com) about his time at the Courtauld; and what role the buildings hold in his memories.