That sinking feeling: Brexit and the Titanic

Dear reader, welcome to the first of what will hopefully be many weekly columns here at the Courtauldian. I am Morgan Haigh, a second-year undergraduate here at the Institute we all call home. My intention with this hebdomadal missive is hesitantly to enter the murky waters of ‘current affairs’ and pull out what I believe to be its pearls, no doubt with much meandering as well.

The danger with the news is that it tends to be full of contentious issues, and therefore I will at times express opinions on certain matters. I would like to make clear that these are my own, and not necessarily the views of the Courtauldian or the Courtauld Institute of Art. I would also like to underscore that they are just that, opinions, and by no means the be all and end all of the matter.

Illustration by Rosie Fitter

Speaking of contentious issues: I begin with Brexit. On Saturday last weekend, an estimated 700,000 people marched from Park Lane to Parliament Square to demand a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal, whenever (if ever) that appears. The second referendum is an option that has already been taken off the table by Prime Minister May, yet this did not stop one of the largest demonstrations in London since the Iraq War from bringing the West End to a standstill, with many placards playing on Banksy’s recent shredded artwork jape including a half-shredded Leave campaign poster.