Skeletons in the Closet: A Week of Tricks & Treats

Halloween was not the only terrifying (k)night this week, as Sir Philip Green once again reared his greasy head. You may remember the Topshop-owning tycoon from such scandals as the recent collapse of British Home Stores (BHS), which Green sold for £1 in 2015 as it began to fail – but only after he had sucked £586 million from the pension fund. Thus when BHS finally shut down there was a £571 million hole in the pockets of the now unemployed workforce. After much public outcry Sir Philip may have eventually put his hand into his pocket, but only to the tune of around £300 million, leaving many of his old employees struggling to make ends meet.

Illustration by Rhiannon Powell

Sounds lovely, doesn’t he? Over the last eight months the Telegraph has been investigating accusations of sexual harassment by a leading UK businessman who, due to court injunction, could not be named. This week, however, Lord Hain used the ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card of Parliamentary privilege to reveal that these accusations were the skeletons in the