The US Midterm Elections: A Blue Wave but Trump's still standing

Yes, that’s right everybody, we’re only just at the halfway point of Trump’s first (and hopefully only) term in office. And that means it’s midterm election time, when all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and one third of the Senate seats are up for grabs. Alongside this, 36 state Governors were on the ballot as well as many positions in local government. Although these votes might not be as headline grabbing as the presidential election, they’re still highly significant, as a CBS poll suggested that 65% of voters said Trump’s performance so far was a significant influence on the way they voted.

The President, supposedly the most powerful Wotsit in the world (Commander in Cheese, if you will), is meant to be kept in check by Congress, given its members are the ones who debate and vote on any legislation he proposes. Up until now “the Donald” has had it pretty easy, as both chambers of Congress were held by the Republicans who offered little resistance to any of their President’s policies. This week that changed as the Democrats managed to gain enough seats in the House of Representatives for a comfortable majority – something they’ve not had since 2010. Over in the other wing of the Capitol Building, however, the Republican party managed to hold (and potentially increase) their Senate majority. This means the US now has a divided Congress with opposing parties holding each chamber – something the Founding Fathers expressly wanted to avoid.