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Cosmically Curated: November Art 'Scopes

Art and culture in London can be overwhelming, especially during Scorpio season when we all have the feels ~~ Find your sign below and let the stars guide your way!


This is a good month for travel and personal freedom. Get in touch with your deeper self at Jane Ward’s ​‘The Reconstructed Romantic’ showing at the James Freeman Gallery until 24th November. Ward’s collages juxtapose landscapes from across the world, wetting your wanderlust and transporting you to the sublime.


Money Money Money! You are rolling in chips this month Taurus. Celebrate AND support local artists at Hackney’s D.I.Y Art Market. They’ll be at The Big London Flea in Stoke Newington on 18th November. Whether you’re in need of a wall-piece, badge or cute ceramic mug, this market has got just the thing for any earthy, aesthete Taurus.


Geminis always work better in twos and, luckily for you, this is your month for lasting love. As a Gemini though, you need to make sure that your serious relationships aren’t, well, too serious. Whether you’re single or coupled, head to Barbican’s​ ‘Modern Couples’ (through to 27th January) and set your eyes on some juicy and unconventional relationship goals.


Achoo! Looks like crabby Cancer will bear the brunt of this year’s cold and flu season. For a preventive remedy, check out the classic indie band First Aid Kit on 1st November at the O2 Academy, Brixton.


This month (the next five, actually) are all about that inner radiance and joy. If you haven’t checked out the new ‘Gallery of the Islamic World’ at the British Museum, now is the time to. With free admission, you can visit as often as you’d like, basking in art as luminous and bedazzling as you are.


Always a nester, Virgo, this is an especially domestic month for you. If you can’t get up off the couch, or you’re just too damn tired to go out after reorganizing your entire kitchen, at least elevate your soul with a documentary you can stream from home. Try ‘​Finding Vivian Maier’​, featuring a title character that’s also an artsy hermit.


Miss (or Mr.) Independent! You are out to play the field this month Libra. Best to go somewhere where you can spot some other creative and high-minded individuals. That could be at a big ol’ museum, but why not go see​ ‘Magic Mike Live’​ instead? ;) This opens at The Hippodrome Casino on 10th November.


Onwards and upwards Scorpio. It’s your season and the heavenly spotlight is on you -- everything (finances, love, health) is set to steadily improve in November. This is a good time for you to help others and investigate volunteer work. Artbox London, a non-profit that assists artists with learning disabilities, could always do with some more helping hands.


Perhaps it’s no good telling a Sag to be humble but, with your already high self-confidence levels peaking this month, you might want to ensure your ego doesn’t inflate ‘til it bursts. Why not hear from someone else this month? The National Gallery offers a curator’s introduction to ​‘Lorenzo Lotto Portraits’​ on 5th November from 1:00-1:45, where you can learn from an expert about the Italian painter who focused on middle-class sitters. A humbling experience tidy enough to fit into your lunch break!


Uh-oh, Caps. Your career planets are retrograde until the 16th. Luckily, you go to The Courtauld and can go to a ton of free art events, like the Sackler Research Forum Lecture ‘Filippo Brunelleschi: A Failed Impresario’ on 7th November. Commiserate with the unsuccessful 15th Century architect and then drown your own sorrows during the wine reception after.


Yay Aquarius! This is a month about friendship and networking for you; the perfect time to grab some friends and head to a party—err opening. Espacio Gallery in Bethnal Green will have a viewing on November 15th for their new ​’Time Warp’​ exhibition, perfect for a spacey Aquarian like you. Don’t forget to be liberal with the free wine!


Think big picture, Pisces—this year is about your career. Why not hit up a classic retrospective, then? ​’Anni Albers’​ at Tate Modern (open until 27th January) is artistically and professionally inspiring. Time to consider how best to weave your own oeuvre.

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