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Cosmically Curated: February Art' Scopes

Valentine’s Day tends to dominate headlines in the February horoscopes. Far more important is the Lunar New Year taking place on 5th February. 2019 is the year of the Pig, the animal in the Chinese zodiac that comes last in the 12-year cycle. With endings come the new, so to shake things up and celebrate the new year, this month’s art scopes are based on the Chinese signs. Find your birth year below and read on.

恭喜发财 (gōng xǐ fā cái) “Wishing you wealth and prosperity.”

Illustration by Jemima Hooke


Rat, keep your head cool, especially when it comes to love. A stroll through Tate Modern’s Pierre

Bonnard show (until 6th May) will blow some breeze through your landscape and colour you cool.


This is a month where you need to feel grounded. Instead of going to pasture, get into your body, or at least into your finest clothes. ‘Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams’ opens at the V&A on 2nd February and runs until 14th July.


You are a fierce and fast predator. Feed on something raw at ‘No Show,’ playing at Soho Theatre until February 9th. This half circus, half behind the scenes melodrama is full of energized acrobatics and speedy banter. Bring a date and take your circus to the jungle.


Work like a’s time to get aggressive in your career. Head over to the Fashion and Textile Museum for ‘Swinging London: A Lifestyle Revolution’ (8th February – 2nd June) and take a look at some power dressing from the Chelsea Set, the radical artists who took the power establishment by storm in the 1950s.


Your social and love life may peak this month. But as a dragon, you are predisposed to giving those who are lagging a lift. Why not do something to celebrate your own interests and also support the work of others? Fork up 15 quid for a talk on Hieronymus Bosch (28th February at 2:30) to support Art Fund, a non-profit that raises money to train curators, increase museum programming and provide access to a wide array of arts institutions at competitive prices.


Snakes are already mystical and otherworldly, but this especially is a time when you have to probe the meta. The London Art Salon has invited Dr. Marie-Anne Mancio to explore the work of Renaissance master Michelangelo and contemporary artist Bill Viola and their relationships to ‘Life, Death, Rebirth.’ The talk introduces a Royal Academy exhibition of the same name. On at 7th February at 9:45 in the morning.


Now is the time to be a helper horse if you have a significant other.. If you’re single, you should take it easy and chill when it comes to your love life. If things really aren’t as wild as you like, grab your stallion and head to the Courtauld Research Forum’s ‘Leonardo da Vinci’s Female Genitalia and the Limits of Representation’ on 27th February at 5:00 pm.


You are a lucky one and bring prosperity to the world. Relax into luxury like the loungers on display at ‘Grace Wale Bonner: A Time for New Ideas’ at the Serpentine Gallery, closing February 16th.


You are way too happy with yourself. So much so, that you need a little ego pop. Without putting yourself down, take the time to psychoanalyze your behaviour at the Freud Museum’s ‘The Metamorphosis of Narcissus,’ featuring work from Dali and commemorating the 80th anniversary of his and Freud’s first meeting.


Roosters can get clucky, and you’re going to be extra high strung this month. Loosen up and get down. Queen Zee’s punky pop Liverpool edge should do the trick at The Lexington (right around the corner from Vernon Square) playing V-day at 7:30.


Such a giver, your love is loyal and tender. Take a turn being treated like the heavenly companion you are. Head to The National Gallery and gaze upon Botticelli's 1485 masterpiece, ‘Venus and Mars’ to manifest divine love and lovers.


You’re a porker! But don’t worry, that’s just because your personal power is growing this season. Let things come to you. Like a piggy feeding at a trough, feast your eyes on feeds from fairs like Zona Maco and Frieze LA. Then go see what’s shakin’, bacon.

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