Vote, Vote, and Vote Again: Brexit Deadlock

The one time I take a week off from bringing you a window into the world of news and all hell breaks loose. Since I last wrote, March came to an end and with it our membership of the EU… or did it? The observant ones amongst you may have noticed that we are still ‘in’ or, as Theresa May said after the (first) earth-shattering defeat of her deal a few months back, “nothing has changed.”

So how did we get here? Well, as outlined in my last column, our departure had been delayed to the 12th of April or, if the Commons agreed to May’s deal, the 22nd of May. However, when the PM bought her twice-defeated deal to the house for the third time, quelle surprise, it was shot down in flames again. This came only a few days after the Commons, under the leadership of rebel Tory Sir Oliver Letwin, wrestled control of the issue of Brexit away from May and into the hands of MPs. They held two days of indicative votes on various alternatives to the PM’s deal. These included a second referendum, an extensive customs union, a Norway style relationship (Scandinavian style is very fashionable at the moment), and even abandoning Brexit all together. So many votes, such little time.

Illustration by Rhiannon Powell