Cosmically Curated: April Art 'Scopes

No school, no problems? Maybe so. April is looking calm and revolving a little bit more around the inner self this go around. With the time out of classes, you might actually be able to get around to some exhibitions. Cultivate yourself like a well-tended garden, and debut as swiftly and beautifully as the cherry blossoms about London. Spring is here, groom and bloom.

Illustration by Jemima Hooke


If the stars could serenade, then this month they would sing, ‘I’ve got my eyes on you, you’re everything that I see.’ Astrologically, you will be the centre of attention for all of April. If you need to switch and bait, then head over to a concert of the only man more popular than you, Drake. Playing at O2 Arena, 11 April.


Tap into spirituality for... material gains? Yep, that’s the message for you this month. Pop in to Bastian Gallery’s ‘Andy Warhol: Polaroid Pictures.’ A cruise through the faces of the artist’s inner circle will have you wondering how you can turn your meaningful connections into tangible assets.