Cosmically Curated: May Art 'Scopes

If ever there was a time to be bull-headed it would be now, during Taurus season. But with the beautiful warm weather and arts buzz in London this spring, it doesn’t seem like we’ll get a long window to stay stagnant and stubborn. In fact, each sign is getting the urge to edge outside their comfort zone and go on some kind of adventure. However, guided by the sensuous and earthy energy of Taurus, it is important that these risks are taken in a manner that is loving and loyal to ourselves.

Illustration by Jemima Hooke


Aries, you are always an exceptionally hard worker, so the extra challenge during this high-flying career moment is to get a better bird’s eye view of the territory you’re bound to cover. ‘Leonardo Da Vinci: A Life in Drawing’ brings together over 200 works on paper and displays the inner workings of a renaissance man who was everything from an artist to an aerial engineer, providing you with inspiration to go above and beyond.


Tauruses are the most loyal in the zodiac pack, which is why it’s hard to tell you that this month you may have to make a big decision about a close relationship. ‘Edvard Munch: Love and Angst’, a show featuring the artist’s prints at The British Museum (through 21 July), will leave you torn, but that’s just the start.