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Cosmically Curated: May Art 'Scopes

If ever there was a time to be bull-headed it would be now, during Taurus season. But with the beautiful warm weather and arts buzz in London this spring, it doesn’t seem like we’ll get a long window to stay stagnant and stubborn. In fact, each sign is getting the urge to edge outside their comfort zone and go on some kind of adventure. However, guided by the sensuous and earthy energy of Taurus, it is important that these risks are taken in a manner that is loving and loyal to ourselves.

Illustration by Jemima Hooke


Aries, you are always an exceptionally hard worker, so the extra challenge during this high-flying career moment is to get a better bird’s eye view of the territory you’re bound to cover. ‘Leonardo Da Vinci: A Life in Drawing’ brings together over 200 works on paper and displays the inner workings of a renaissance man who was everything from an artist to an aerial engineer, providing you with inspiration to go above and beyond.


Tauruses are the most loyal in the zodiac pack, which is why it’s hard to tell you that this month you may have to make a big decision about a close relationship. ‘Edvard Munch: Love and Angst’, a show featuring the artist’s prints at The British Museum (through 21 July), will leave you torn, but that’s just the start.


Your dual sides will be equal competitors for a period, and you’ll need to both accelerate and rest. Nothing guarantees ups and downs as much as an open mic. Check out the weekly one at Spiritual Bar from 6:00 - 11:30 on 28 May. And who knows, maybe one of the twins will even make an appearance on stage?


As always you are crabby and need to surround yourself with the friends who get your soft side this month. Head to Heidi Bucher’s ‘Die Wässer und Libellenlust’ (The Water and the Dragonfly) where you can ponder soft methods for healing and transformation while kicking back with some pals at the opening, 15 May from 12:00 - 6:00 at The Approach.


As always you need to be the center of attention, but right now it’s important that you take special consideration of how you are actively forming your image and sharing it with others. Check out Jakob Lena Knebi’s photographic self-portraits, opening on 16 May at Belmacz. And don’t worry, just because he will be looking fabulous doesn’t mean you’re doomed to second place.


Tell a Virgo it’s time to travel and they’ll painstakingly plan a global voyage from Britain to Benin. Tell an art smart Virgo to travel, and they’ll head straight to the biennale, where a trip around the world still might take 80 days.


Summertime and the livin’ is easy. All this nice weather, together with your planets, has got you feeling hot and heavy in romance. Check out ‘Ain’t Misbehavin,’ the jazzy musical with the resonance of a bygone speakeasy Manhattan scene. Plays through 1 June at Southwark Playhouse.


Elevate your consciousness and explore new horizons. Go to The Mosaic Rooms for ‘New Waves: Mohamed Melehi and the Casablanca Art School’ (through June 22) for an astral voyage from a global standpoint.


Time to become an art history master, only, as a big picture Sag you need to, for once, get down to the nitty gritty. Review and revise the basics at ‘Art and Critical Analysis: The Trouble with Venetian Painting,’ a lecture offered by the extension learning organisation, The Course from 10:45 - 12:45 on 21 May.


Known to be kind of a prude, the stars are actually begging you to let your freak flag fly this month. Get out of your world and land that flag on another! ICA will be screening the off-beat sexploitation film ‘The Machine That Kills Bad People: Nude on the Moon and Martina's Playhouse’ 15 May at 6:45.


Cross your wires and make connections you didn’t know were possible. On May 21 ‘László Moholy-Nagy’ opens at 6pm at Hauser & Wirth. Learn how the artist fused art and utilitarianism while mingling with the crowd.


This is a time for you to let people in and become a domestic demiurge. Invite your artistic friends over and host a salon, reading, or even just a drink and draw.

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