The End of May

And there we have it: the reign of May is at an end. On Friday morning the Prime Minister stepped up to a podium set before the door of No.10 and announced she was off. Although not quite yet. She will stand down as Tory leader on June 7th to allow for the election of a new leader, then, once they have been chosen by around mid-July, she will resign the office of Prime Minister, allowing the new Conservative leader to replace her.

Now the possibility of her deal being voted on again has passed, it seems the only reason she is delaying until the 7th is to make sure that the country at least has someone in charge when President Donald ‘tiny hands’ Trump arrives for his state visit at the beginning of June. Oh goodie!

Even though it was quite obviously her party with the blood of her regicide on their hands, as is customary, they all rushed in with platitudes and pleasantries about her and her leadership – resulting in some of the most profoundly hypocritical nonsense politicians have ever spouted. Even Boris Johnson tweeted his praise of her tenure. You will find none of that here.

Illustration by Rhiannon Powell

May has been, without doubt, the worst Prime Minister I have seen in my lifetime and I’d wager for quite some time before as well. The press has been full of people saying that anybody in her position would have suffered the same difficulties, this is surely not the case. May is singula