Jennifer Fletcher

This article was previously published in the special edition, ALUMNAE (December 2018).

BA 1960

Jennifer Fletcher is one of the many polymaths who has occupied, and continues to occupy, the halls of The Courtauld. She graduated with a BA from The Courtauld in 1960, having spent her free time playing hockey on the mixed team for the London School of Economics. Her journey to The Courtauld had, however, started on rocky ground. Having attended a grammar school in Birmingham, Fletcher hadn’t been taught Latin. For this, The Courtauld refused entry. She therefore spent a year working full-time as a librarian, alongside learning Latin. Once passing the language exam she gained entrance to the university, beginning her degree in 1957.

After her undergraduate studies, Fletcher started researching a PhD but chose not to continue, taking up teaching instead. It was upon completion of her BA that Fletcher studied with Ernst Gombrich, at that time working at the Warburg Institute. Fletcher had reached out to Gombrich after he had given a lecture at The Courtauld and was effectively supervised by him for a period. She was researching the workshop practice of north-Italian painters. By 1966, Fletcher was back to work, teaching in vari