Nicole Krauss

This article was previously published in the special edition, ALUMNAE (December 2018).

MA 1998

Nicole Krauss is an inspirational figure for using her experience at The Courtauld far beyond the traditional boundaries of Art History. Growing up on Long Island in a British-American family, Krauss started writing as a teenager, publishing her poetry from a young age. She enrolled at Stanford University in 1992, majoring in English and winning multiple awards and prizes for her poetry, as well as the Dean’s Award for academic achievement. In 1996, Krauss was awarded a Marshall Scholarship, allowing her to study for a MA at Oxford and then The Courtauld, where she studied seventeenth-century Dutch art, focusing on Rembrandt.

Photograph by Goni Riskin

Her first novel, Man Walks Into a Room, explored memory, personal history, and intimacy, and was published in 2002 to considerable critical acclaim. The History of Love, her second, follows the various stories of an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor and a young woman dealing with the death of her father, alongside the story of a lost manuscript also called The History of Love. Her interest in discussions surrounding Jewishness and the Holocaust developed from her upbringing and multiple tragic Holocaust losses on both sides of her family. This novel was adapted for film, which was released internationally in 2016.