The Sackler Research Forum: A Useful Research Platform

The twinkling fairy lights dangling in the Sackler Research Forum are surprisingly alluring; it looks cozy and ambient. I am sure that was a clever marketing decision partly to lend Vernon Square a warmer aesthetic and centralising it as the new (albeit temporary home) of the Courtauld. At the same time, the festively snug room could partly be to balance the intensely academic ideas that are thrown around inside it. Or maybe I just can’t keep up sometimes.

In 2003, the Sackler Research Forum was established with the aid of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which continues to support it to this day, alongside funding from The Sackler Trust. To both Courtauld students and the public, the Forum offers lectures, conferences, workshops and seminars all about the history of art, conservation and museum studies. Personally, I think this is a great thing about the Courtauld; that we are offered access to extra seminars and lectures. A huge part of the audience for these events are students, but the postgrad attendees massively outnumber the undergrads. Looking over the upcoming events, and speaking from my experience of attending them, they do seem more steered to those later in their studies. Usually, they are quite specific fields, which is excellent for people who are ready to delve into a specialism. And the speakers or guests that are invited, or specially flown in, are experts in their discipline. But how relevant and useful can the Research Forum be to Courtauld students, both undergrad and postgrad?

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