An Interview with Louise O'Kelly, Founder of Block Universe and the DRAF Evening of Performance

"There was this hangover of thinking that performance art had to look certain ways"

Images that come to mind when you hear “performance art”: Freddy Prinz Jr. performing “HACKYSACK” in She’s All That, someone in the nude explaining the evils of capitalism, or a number of people inconveniently doing lines of coke in the bathroom before covering themselves in dirt.

Volunteering at the David Roberts Art Foundation Evening of Performance enlightened and expanded my view of this elusive field. Louise O’Kelly curated the evening, putting together a series of performances that ranged from poetry reading and dance to a performer moving crowds with a section of an art fair booth on wheels. O’Kelly is also the founder and curator of Block Universe, London’s only festival dedicated to performance art. I spoke to her to find out more.