An Interview with Nikita Pozdnyakov, Contemporary Artist

"Omsk is a dark place"

This interview was conducted in collaboration with Ryba Art. Nikita's work will be shown at the Fitzrovia Gallery from the 5th to the 25th of February.

Nikita Pozdnyakov, The Moonlight, Part of Good Weather for Bricklaying NowCuration Exhibition from February 5, 2020 - February 25, 2020 (Image: Nikita Pozdnyakov)

THEA: Can you tell me a little bit about Omsk?

NIKITA: Omsk is a dark place, but people are trying to resist. We have always been a rebellious city. My art reflects things everyone sees outside on their way to work, every day. If I feel empty and uninspired, I just get out on the street, walk around a little and come back with new material.

THEA: Why did y