Art in the Age of Reckoning

October is Black History Month in the UK

by Madeline DeFilippis | 25 October 2020

This photo is Copyright ã 2018 David Uzochukwu. All Rights Reserved.

2020 has been a year of intense realisation for the world. After the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, people took to the streets to protest the institutional racism of their governments and societies. The U.K. was not exempt – protestors in London, with celebrity appearances by John Boyega, Dave, and Jade Thirwall among others, demanded justice. The art world is not exempt from these demands either. Internationally renowned museums such as the Guggenheim and local museums such as the Pitt Rivers have weathered renewed calls to address their lack of diversity within their departments, the lack of BIPOC artists chosen to exhibit, and the whitewashing of unsavoury histories within the collections themselves. The statistics don’t lie: Major Partner Museums (MPM) reported in a report from 2017-18 that BAME staff only comprised 5%, despite 13.8% of the UK population ide