Bea Fomin's Poetry Corner

Questions for a Coward

24 April 2020

It’s been over a year now,

Since it was just us.

Secrets spilled out of my mouth,

You scooped them up

And folded me into your bed.

We’re so far from there now.

I had him and you’ve got her.

I thought you were calling me

so I disconnected all other lines

And now you don’t answer.

My mind was clearer when things were unsaid.

You didn’t make any promises

That I am too far gone to see through.

And now you run away from your words so fast that

they are illegible through the mud.

I wonder what you say to her,

The things you’ve said to me

Don’t make sense. You say it’s too hard,

But I was there. And I did it.

Because I am not you.

Why don’t you even try?

You play with your prey like a lion

But the smell of blood makes you sick.

Doesn’t it tempt you, fresh flesh?

You can’t survive on the thrill of the chase.

If you feel the things you say,

What is so wrong with you that you are stuck?

There is nothing wrong with me.

I know that if she knew,

She wouldn’t make you stay.

There aren’t enough metaphors for the things you do,

Or don’t do or won’t do.

There are no metaphors for me. I know what I am

And I know that I don’t want this. Not anymore.


24 March 2020

One look used to hold every fibre captive

And every second eternal.

One word would roll from your mouth

And taste so sweet that I couldn’t speak.