Dear NHS: Support our healthcare workers as they approach their toughest challenge yet

Tower Bridge lit up in support of the NHS (Twitter: @sixcylinders)

I grew up around hospitals. More specifically I grew up around Pilgrim Hospital, Lincolnshire. In my living memory, I have never lived more than a ten-minute drive away. I was born there. I have been a patient there. I have visited family members who were patients there. I got the school bus from there. I waited for my dad to finish work there. For a few summers, I even worked there myself. My parents uprooted their entire lives to move near the hospital. They took the two-hour drive from Sheffield (where they met whilst working in the same hospital) to a place neither of them had ever visited, or in my mum’s case, even heard of before. This is just a fragment of insight into the dedication of the doctors and nurses who are employed by the NHS. The centrality of Pilgrim Ho