Doodling on Museum Walls

1. The Artist Who Doodles on a Museum Wall

On a recent trip to Vienna, I visited an exhibition focused on contemporary drawing at the Albertina Museum. Titled A Passion for Drawing (11 October 2019 – 26 January 2020), the exhibition show highlighted the Guerlain Collection from the Centre Pompidou Paris, featuring works by contemporary artists who explore the diverse uses of the medium of drawing. Amongst the 20 artists featured in the exhibition, one artist’s work is easy to be missed accidentally. It was not until I was about to exit the room that I noticed the tiny wall label next to the entrance:

Wall text for Nedko Solakov’s Albertinadoodles, 2019 (Photo: Ellen Wang)

With the determination of fully exploiting the show, I went back through the display rooms, and discovered these naughty adaptations to the wall labels and doodle figures sporting around humble corners. One has to look closely to notice the black little doodle men swinging under the letter ‘A’ in Marcel Dzama’s name or the men pulling apart the bottom parts of ‘p’ and ‘e’ in the word ‘transparent’ in a paragraph introducing the works by Aya Takano.