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Horoscope predictions—February 2024

By Alexis Nanavaty and ‘The Guides’

Emma Kunz, born in 1892, was a Swiss healer, researcher, and artist. The fascinating large-scale works she executed using graph paper and coloured pencil would often take up to 48 hours to complete and are composed of geometric shapes. For her, these shapes conveyed codes that replicated her daily life and the natural world. These drawings, as cited by the Emma Kunz Centre, “are spaces you could walk into, images to be unfolded or collapsed back down again, usually multi-layered in their construction.”

Perhaps this reflective and powerful artwork will offer you the clarity you need to expand your horizons and align with your goals during the month of February!

Emma Kunz (Brittnau 1892 - 1963 Waldstatt), Werk Nr. 041, Colour pencil drawing on graph paper, 77.5x75 cm, sold by Galerie Kornfeld Auktionen AG Lot. 109

A quick guide to reading your predictions:

Read for your sun sign (the sign of when you were born) or your rising (for overarching themes and guidance) for the month, or both! Each can offer insight into different aspects of your life.

Capricorn/Aquarius Season:

Hi Capricorns—This past month, you have been undergoing a fair amount of introspection as you work to set boundaries for 2024. It is finally time to jump back into your daily life and social circles with the trust that you are ready to lead yourself to exactly where you want to be. This month, you can expect a great expansion of your frame of mind and perspective on the world.

We know in the last months you have been dealing with clarifying your identity, and this month you emerge feeling strong, confident and with solid boundaries. This month, you can expect many new beginnings that lead you to your next big project with the clarity needed—in both writing and communication—to articulate your thoughts. Now is the time to trust your talents and skills as you enter this next chapter that 2024 brings. In your friendships, you can expect clarity and increased emotional well-being. In career or school related ventures, expect to be very collaborative and open to expanding your knowledge in new areas. The outcome will be very positive if you can achieve this! There is an emphasis here on finding love, either romantically, or in the people with whom you surround yourself.

Jan 29-31: If your birthday is this week, you can expect minor transformation to begin, and a focus into next month on goals to come.

Hi Aquarius! Happy Birthday! This is an important time for your self-growth and aligning with your long-term goals. Soon it will be your time to shine! This month you can expect to feel a bit apprehensive about a looming decision. There is an uncertainty surrounding the choice you must make. Take a step back to make your decision, giving yourself the time you need to decide how to proceed and articulate your point. Clarity will find you if you shift your focus back to your passions and those things in your daily life that you enjoy. You have a great energy this month and might get back into exercising or a hobby that alights your passions. In friendships, you can expect to discover new ways to support yourself and these relationships. In school/career, you will see your words articulating themselves more clearly and aligning with your thoughts. It will make writing papers/legal documents/waivers a breeze this month and help build momentum for things to go in your favour.

Feb. 1- 4, If your birthday is this week, you will have exciting celebrations and the relief of a certain responsibility finally leaving your to-do list.

Feb. 5-11, If your birthday is this week, you can expect self-care to be at the top of the list, perhaps even a short weekend getaway is in the cards for you.

Feb. 12-18, If your birthday is this week, you can expect to find yourself busy in new places, perhaps a new idea is brewing.

Feb. 19-25, If your birthday is this week, you can expect to feel expansive, and your birthday celebrations will reflect this.

Feb. 26-29, If your birthday is this week, you can expect to feel introspective and will take time away to plan out your coming year.

Some artists who have the same birthday month…

Perhaps they will offer you inspiration as you reflect on your goals for this coming year.

- Norman Rockwell Feb. 3 & Pierre-Auguste Renoir Feb. 25

Hi Pisces! Two months until your birthday. It is time for you to ground yourself into showing appreciation for your daily life and organising your wondering thoughts. What do you want to create? How do you envision aligning with your inner happiness? This is the time to think intentionally and begin to live a life that makes you more active in its development. There is an opportunity this month to align with great financial abundance if you activate it through prioritising your well-being. In friendship, there is some tension around a miscommunicated decision. In school/career and love, and a lucky streak. You receive mentorship and clarity across the board, making it easier to align with your goals.

Hi Aries! You are building momentum to achieve your goals. Obstacles are beginning to dissipate from your view. This month, a long-term project comes to completion, and you finally receive the praise that you deserve. It is now time to trust yourself and enjoy the recognition you will receive. At the end of February, you finally get back to work with a passion to create your next big idea. Make sure to take a well-deserved break between projects as this month is about replenishment and prioritising well-being for an overworked Aries. In friendship, expect smooth sailing and more frequent social gatherings. In school/career, a restful break will couple with gathering your thoughts and preparing for work in March.

Hi Taurus! You are aligning with a higher intuition that has been bringing you joy and alighting the soul. You have worked these last few months on building a more stable foundation for yourself—successfully—and are now ready to bring your projects to fruition. This will be a great month for finding balance and seeing the next chapter of your life bring you the happiness that you know you deserve. In friendship, expect to take a step back for yourself as you focus on the career/wellness success you will receive at the end of the month. In school/career, newfound drive and motivation brings your project to fruition sooner than expected. As a bonus, it reaches its intended audience with ease.

Hi Gemini! You are watching the sun rise on a new chapter of life! For you, this month may feel like you are stuck in between two phases, but you are meant to look for clarity and motivation even in uncertain circumstances. You will flow effortlessly next month into your new chapter, but you are learning important skills in communication and growth for the long term. Some of you are embarking on a new experience/journey that reads as long term and highly beneficial for your career. In friendships, you see a divide, only because you are at a crossroads in all areas of your life. In school/career, you see flow and signs that what you are manifesting is finally on its way to you.

Hi Cancer! Your mood is increasing, and you are feeling ‘full of life’ post-holiday season. How can you channel this energy into improving your daily life so that everyday feels like a beautiful holiday? We suggest you take some time to yourself each week to prioritise your well-being in whatever way that looks for you. Overtime, this will help you feel more balanced and supported by your daily life and will encourage you to look for more ways to cultivate abundance and joy. This month, you are a social butterfly moving in expanded social circles and find your school/career moving smoothly towards your goals. Balance is yours!

Hi Leo! This month will shift your frame of mind in the direction of expansion and discovering new social circles (i.e., networking) opportunities to expand your world. This year will uncover a great shift for you in the framework of your life. For the better, you can expect to see your world articulating itself even more clearly than you could have imagined. You can be excited because everything is aligning just as it should! There is an emphasis this month on writing and clarity of writing that will carry itself into great compliments in this area next month. You are well on your way to achieving an idea, or finally articulating a project you have been working on for a while, a well-deserved reward for all your hard work.

Hi Virgo! This month will ask you to confront new social situations and potential conflicts where you are expected to become the mediator. This is an opportunity to stand behind the boundaries you have been creating and forge through these spaces to your own place of expansion and growth. You are on your way to expansion and self-expression at new levels. We are so excited to see you have a year that has your self-identity greatly expanding and your strength increasing. You might also find yourself engaging in new hobbies you had not expected or spending more time at the gym.

Hi Libra! This month, you can expect new creative energy to engage you with many opportunities that are hands-on and leave you with a product that makes you feel engaged and excited about your daily life. These spaces will allow you to clear the energy of stress or anxiety that has been surrounding some of your other work. There is an element of self-expression that brings you back into alignment with yourself and the energies building momentum in your life. The end of February and the beginning of March brings in a lucky period for you where your words will directly correlate with manifesting your dreams. These next few months will have you traversing your internal landscape and learning more about yourself and your many talents. From this space, your social life will expand in March, and you will feel much clearer about your boundaries and emotions. Spring will be coming, and you will be feeling bright. In your career/school, you can expect to feel a flow in your writing, leaving you more time to focus on other things, like yourself.

Hi Scorpio! This month your focus shifts towards your emotional wellbeing as you navigate new social situations and a friend moving away. Simultaneously though, this time will also be a time where career opportunities are expanding and you meet the right people to help you build a career and obtain clarity around your goals, especially the steps for reaching them. You are having a period of increased financial well-being and all-around balance can be achieved in your life. Your friends will be especially supportive of you this month, leading you to become more social in March and a leader in your friend group.

Hi Sagittarius! This month, you can expect to continue flowing along in the momentum you created at the end of last year. At the beginning of this year, you might have felt a jarring shift or block in the momentum of your life that has since dissipated. You can now navigate your world with newfound balance, emotional well-being, coupled with new experiences. Your social life maintains a positive upward trajectory, and all remains ‘scheduled programming’ for you. This month, you find a flow in your research and writing that opens you up to many new avenues for original research.

That’s all for now, see you next month.

-Lexi and ‘The Guides’


A few explanatory notes from the author-

*These predictions are based on channelled guidance from Lexi’s guidance system, ‘The Guides,’ with certain astrological considerations

*Channelling is a practice wherein guidance is received and automatically transferred to the page and, therefore, not based explicitly on astrological charts. As Lexi is intuitive, she has access to a range of guidance systems and divine knowledge for you.

*Intended primarily for entertainment purposes.


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