Let Them Eat Code

The UK Government’s latest attempt to persuade those involved in the creative industries to shift to IT-based professions smacks of cultural ignorance and elitist hubris

by Jonathan Hart | 27 October 2020

Illustration by Jago Henderson

A ballet dancer pensively laces her shoe in anticipation of her next recital. Her next job could be in cyber, declares the poster bearing her likeness, but she ‘doesn’t know it yet.’ An image captured by a photographer, fonts devised by typographers, and a layout created by graphic designers: all cynically used to promote the notion that the subjects should cease working in a profession founded on creativity. Even by their usual standards, the latest missive from UK Government’s Cyber First program (which on this evidence may as well be retitled “Don’t Fool Yourself – You’ll Never Amount to Anything”) scans as positively dystopian in mood, and arguably sets a new high-water mark for tone-deafness at a time when morale could hardly be lower.