Notes on Quarantine Cooking

Recipe #1 ~ Beans in Smoky Red Pepper and Tomato Sauce

During our first online meeting for The Courtauldian, we discussed what topics we should focus on during this unstable and unusual time. When somebody suggested creating content about recipes and cooking, I immediately volunteered to write something on this subject. I love to cook. There are only a few things in the world that can instantly make me happier and eating good food is definitely among these. The opposite goes for eating bad food; I consider eating an unappetizing meal as one of the worst things that can happen in a day. Where does my passion for food come from? How does my attitude towards cooking vary so much from my sister’s, even though we come from the same household? These are probably questions that will remain unanswered, but they have inspired me to share some of my notes on cooking, as well as an uncomplicated recipe for you to try out.

The best dish you can serve is the one you have cooked over and over again. You know that thing that never fails? The thing that you are able to prepare almost with your eyes closed? This is what you should cook when you have someone to impress, be it your friends, partner or visiting parents. Even if you feel like it’s the most ordinary dish in the world, trust me, they will be in awe.

Being forced to stay at home now might be the time when you finally decide to master the skills of this dish or make elaborate recipes you never had the time for. Now, when your daily commute has been limited to walking from room to room you might have the time to have proper breakfast, lunch or dinner or maybe even all three! Or maybe instead, you could follow my recipe, which is not elaborate at all, is easy to change around and uses cupboard staples, so it is perfect for a time when fresh produce feels like a luxury.