Priscilla Part 2: Jump back into the story of Priscilla

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Illustration by Vitoria Mendes

Apologies for the delay, my friend. I barely know my way around this old house! I struggle to prepare a cup of coffee that doesn’t taste bitter without Etheldreda or Ari to help. So, in the meantime, allow me to pour you a glass of whiskey.

Where were we? Ah! Yes… Yes. Conceiving another child with Etheldreda was not the easiest choice I have ever made. But it’s one that has brought so much joy into our lives. And I can never be thankful enough to Etheldreda. Oh, my dear Etheldreda, I am so sorry, but you left me no choice. A pact is a pact. We made a deal that you selfishly wanted to break. And I just couldn’t let you take him away - I could not, and would not, stand losing yet another child. But let me explain. Hold on, don’t pick up the phone just yet.